Marquard Field

Marquard Field

Physical Address: 495 Haggard Lane, Lexington, KY 40505

Marquard Field, the $1.7 million state-of-the-art home of Pioneer baseball, opened in 1999. The facility is located off North Broadway 2.3 miles from campus, near the Interstate 75 interchange.

The 10-acre site is a showcase for college baseball. It features a sophisticated irrigation and drainage system that minimizes rainouts and helps keep the field in top playing condition. The symmetrical playing field has a distance of 400 feet from home plate to dead center field, 330-foot foul lines, and 375-foot power alleys.

A unique aspect of the field is the 60 feet of foul territory that encompasses the playing surface. The turf is Kentucky bluegrass, and the dirt surface is a sand-base mix with calcite and Alabama red clay. The field's drainage system is gravity driven with diamond drains every five feet in the infield and pipes running every 10 feet on center in the outfield.

Spectators have a good vantage point from aluminum bleachers that seat 500 behind a backstop that uses netting instead of chain link, affording better views.

Dugouts are made of brick, as are pillars around the property that are joined by wrought iron similar in style to that on the John and Donna Hall Field, the home for Transylvania Softball.

The field is named in honor of of the late William A. Marquard, who was a Transylvania trustee, former college and semi-pro baseball player, retired chief executive officer and chairman of American Standard, and owner of Eaglestone Farm near Lexington.