John and Donna Hall Field

The John and Donna Hall Softball Complex serves as the home for Transylvania softball. Constructed in 1996, the complex underwent a yearlong renovation which was completed in spring of 2017, making it one of the premiere softball venues in all of Division III softball.

The renovations included moving the home plate anchor of the field from the corner of Upper and Third Street to the corner of Third and Limestone Street. This move allowed the field to accommodate the new required NCAA distances which is 210 feet down the lines and 220 feet in center field.

The facility features home and visiting bullpens, along with double batting cages for the home team and a single cage for the visiting team. The state-of-the-art built-in dugouts measuring 54 feet include polywood benches, as well as helmet and bat compartments and water fountains. The softball field is enclosed with a six-foot fence and a warning track made from brick dust. 

Below-the-surface renovation included a sophisticated drainage system to pull water away from the outfield and out to the retention basin. The facility was sodded with a Kentucky bluegrass mix from a sand based sod. The infield dirt is a mixture of 60 percent sand, 20 percent silt, and 20 percent clay brought in from Georgia. The field and its bullpens feature water irrigation systems.

An expanded seating area behind a lengthened and padded concrete backstop draped with netting is a new hallmark of the facility. Facility seating is accessible from entry via Upper Street by large concrete walkways that increase the walkway flow of people around the facility.

A new sound system provides for an exciting environment as does the new distinct Daktronics scoreboard which is prominently displayed in center field.

A brick wall interspersed with sections of wrought iron screens the field from busy streets. The brick matches that of the historic Row House, which dates to 1815 and was refurbished to house locker rooms, coaches’ offices, and storage areas.

The field is named in honor of Donna and John Hall. John, who was a Transylvania trustee and former chairman and CEO of Ashland Oil Inc., was a lead donor for the facility. Donna, an active philanthropist in Central Kentucky, has served on multiple boards, including Berea College and UK’s Gaines Center for the Humanities.


The John and Donna Hall Field Complex expanded in spring 2019 with the addition of the Ronald and Frances Holley Players Lounge. The Holley Lounge includes a brand-new renovation of the Transylvania softball locker room, a new softball coaches’ office, and a lounge for players and team members to congregate during pregame, postgame, and practice environments.

The lounge and locker room renovation was made possible by Sherry Holley ’87, a former Transylvania softball standout, a multi-sport Pioneer athlete, and a Pioneer Hall-of-Famer. Her gift to the program pays homage to her parents, Ronald and Frances Holley.   

A Paducah, Kentucky native, Ronald Holley served in the National Guard, US Army, and US Air Force, retiring in 1980 as a Master Sergeant, a Vietnam War veteran, and a Tet Offensive survivor. He later became a telecommunications technician. Frances Holley is a native of Henderson, Kentucky; as a military spouse, Frances moved all over the world from France, to Germany, Alaska, Florida, and California while raising their four children.

The generosity of the Holleys' time, intelligence, and care to country and family have led to their daughter’s generosity of finances to honor her parents and support Transylvania softball.

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