Transylvania Strength and Conditioning


Turner headshot fall 2019
Zach Turner
Strength and Conditioning Coach



It is the mission of the strength and conditioning department to prepare student-athletes for in-season and postseason play by designing year-round, research-based sports performance programs aimed to increase athletic ability, reduce injury potential, and enhance athleticism through the use of scientifically based training techniques.

While it is the mission of strength and conditioning to prepare student-athletes for NCAA varsity competition, it is a priority to enable them to develop their greatest mental and physical potential while instilling discipline, pride, and confidence in themselves.



To gain recognition as one of the premier NCAA Division III Sports Performance programs in the country, by providing outstanding coaching, facilitative training and performance nutrition assistance.



The training philosophy of the Transylvania University Strength & Conditioning Department is based on peaking athletic performance applying strategic year-round planning. Research-based programs are designed to reduce the likelihood of injuries and develop overall strength through the strategic use of total-body, ground-based, multi-joint resistance movements centered on energy system training for optimizing strength and power gains throughout the year, as well as meeting the metabolic demands of individual sports.